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4 Common Cybersecurity Threats You Can Combat

Threats are everywhere on the internet. Read to learn about basic cybersecurity threats you can defend yourself against right now!

Cybercrime may be one of the most serious threats of the modern era. Every day, cyber thieves target sensitive data of businesses and organizations. These modern-day pirates are always upping their game and changing their schemes.

Here are 4 of the most common cybersecurity threats and what you can do to combat them.

1. Malware and Ransomware

Malware is a type of software that helps cyber thieves gain unauthorized access to a single computer or an entire network. There are multiple ways to introduce Malware.

Ransomware is a particularly malicious type of Malware, which is designed to take over a system. In this case, the goal is usually to extort money (demand a ransom) in order to restore the network.

Recent security threat information indicates that these viruses have become adaptive, meaning they can change their coding as needed.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce the threat of Malware:

  • Use antivirus and anti-malware software
  • Perform all software and security updates when directed
  • Provide employee training to build awareness about the threat
  • Limit user access and application privileges

Start with these tips to safeguard your system and data.

2. Phishing Schemes

One of the top cybersecurity threats includes phishing schemes. In this case, cyber thieves send fraudulent emails loaded with viral links. Once someone clicks the link, the virus infiltrates the computer and possibly the entire system. 

In many cases, the email can look completely legitimate. The goal is usually to gain access to sensitive data such as credit card numbers, customer information or login information.

Here are ways you can combat phishing schemes:

  • Employee training
  • Push HTTPS on your website to create encrypted connections
  • Use email and SPAM filters
  • Require two-factor authentication
  • Use email encryption and email signing certificates

These are just a few of the things you can do to protect your computer and system.

3. Social Engineering

This top cybersecurity threat is closely related to phishing schemes. The tactic is designed to trick you into revealing sensitive information, solicit money or gain access to confidential data. The attacks can stem from an email or ads on social media channels or websites.

Social engineering tactics can be quite sophisticated. They often use domain spoofing, a recognizable company logo or a legitimate phone number, which makes the email or ad look like the real thing.

4. Third-Party and Supply Chain Attacks

Many high-profile cybersecurity events are the result of an attack on a third-party vendor. In other words, the cyber thieves target an outside company that supplies a service or product to another company.

Make sure your vendors and suppliers have adequate cybersecurity measures. At the very least, they should perform regular software updates and security patches. This will help prevent cyberattacks stemming from outside resources, software, and libraries.

Combat Cybersecurity Threats Now

Don’t wait to protect your business from cybersecurity threats. Act now so you don’t become a victim. Check out our recent blogs for more information about the latest cybersecurity issues.

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