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How to Prevent Hackers from Stealing Sensitive Data on Social Media

Hackers are after users’ sensitive data. However, luckily for users, there are ways to stop this, especially on social accounts. Here’s how to prevent hackers.

Almost two-thirds of adults that use social media in America report their accounts being hacked. And 86 percent of those adults admit to limiting the information they share because of the threat that hackers pose.

Whether you’ve been a victim of a hacked account or you want to protect your information, there are steps you can take to defend yourself and your business.

Learn which mistakes to avoid how to prevent hackers from accessing your data by improving your security measures. 

Don’t Reuse Passwords

According to a recent Google/Harris Poll, 52 percent of people reused a password across multiple accounts. Unfortunately, this common mistake makes it easier for hackers to access sensitive information and puts you at risk.

Use a strong, unique password for your social media accounts. If you or your employees find it difficult to remember passwords, consider using a password manager.

Use Two-Factor Authorization

Some websites or services offer two-factor authorization. This process requires a user to provide more information to access an account. This could be a phone number, email address, or a security question.

This simple practice makes it harder for hackers to access an account and pretend to be someone else. 

Keep Your Software Updated

The Emotet and Trickbot Trojans are two of the security threats that we face this year. Many companies want to learn how to prevent hacking in the first place, unaware that updating software is one of the easiest ways to protect their data.

Hackers look for vulnerable points in software applications to access your data. Patches and updates fix these vulnerabilities and also repair bugs or compatibility issues.

Revoke Third-Party App Access

Many third-party apps ask for access to your social media accounts as a way to log in or save information. Third-party apps request permissions (such as access to a contact list) to view information or send requests.

Unfortunately, hackers can exploit that data or use the app to learn more about someone. Some apps even contain malware which puts your privacy at risk.

If you no longer use a third-party app, revoke access to your account. This way, hackers can’t use old or abandoned connections to view sensitive information.

Change Your Privacy Settings

Sometimes hackers only need to take a look at a profile to harvest personal information. When posting, some people share their email, phone number, and even their location.

Be cautious about what you and your business share online. Setting your privacy settings to friends only keeps most information private.

Further Advice on How to Prevent Hackers

Social media accounts are often the first place hackers go to obtain information on a user. It can be all too easy for a hacker to create a fake profile under your name or access an account with a weak password.

Preventative measures are the best way to keep your data safe. Use these tips to protect yourself and your company against hackers and dangerous malware.

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