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T-Mobile Data Breach and What You Should Know As a Customer


T-Mobile Data Breach and What You Should Know As a Customer

Are you a t-mobile prepaid customer? Read this article to learn more about what the t-mobile prepaid breach means for you.

Have you ever gotten a text from a bank telling you that there’s an issue with your account, only you don’t have an account for that bank? That’s called phishing, and it’s a type of illegal data mining that can result from dishonest people getting your information.

Unfortunately, these types of attacks are getting more frequent and harder to avoid, especially when large-scale companies experience data breaches that allow criminals to access your data – like what just happened with T-Mobile Prepaid customers.

Haven’t heard the story yet or confused about how such a big company got hacked? We’ve got your details below.

The Event

On November 21st, T-Mobile came out and officially announced that they’d experienced a data breach, which put the accounts of some pre-paid customers at risk.

Their exact words were, “Our Cybersecurity team discovered and shut down malicious, unauthorized access to some information related to your T-Mobile prepaid wireless account.” That information was sent out via text notification to the compromised accounts as soon as the company reported the incident to the police, according to T-Mobile.

The data lost in the breach was mostly personal information, like name and type of T-mobile account. The company reports that no financial information or sensitive personal data (like social security numbers) were stolen.

While that’s a relief, that the breach wasn’t as bad as it could have been, it’s still concerning.

The Details of the T-Mobile Prepaid Breach

T-Mobile didn’t give much insight into what happened, attack-wise, other than saying that there was “data accessed” by an unauthorized third party.

That could have been any network attack, and unless they come out with more public details, it seems we’ll never know exactly what happened.

The Reparations

Of course, T-Mobile issued a very thought out and carefully written apology to their customers. It did not offer them any form of discount or deal to make up for allowing their information to be stolen.

The company announced that it notified all the accounts that were hacked directly, but encourages any worried T-Mobile customers to dial 611 on their phones.

They also suggest that prepaid customers call the above number to change their pin, in case that was one of the things accessed by the hackers. This statement contrasts with their statement that no financial information was obtained, as a user’s pin is like a financial password.

For more information, you can visit their site.

Not a Rare Occurrence

Though T-Mobile hasn’t had any other data breaches in recent history (at least none that they’ve published), it’s an example in a growing trend of company breaches putting consumer information at risk.

This breach and other recent ones remind us that it’s more important to protect our information now than ever, though there’s no way to protect yourself from company-based attacks.

We hope this will be a call-to-action not just for T-Mobile Prepaid but for other service providers to beef up their security.

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