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The Top 7 Most Recent Security Data Breaches

Are you looking to discover some of the most recent security data breaches? Click here to discover the top 7 most recent security data breaches.

Data breaches exposed over 4 billion records, all within the first half of 2019.

If you have an online business or any kind of business that utilizes the internet, you may be in danger of a data breach, especially if you don’t have software protection.    

This is why it’s incredibly important to know the types of security breaches that have occurred in the last 10 years. Knowing these breaches can give you some insight into what is being hacked and how you can protect your business. 

Furthermore, by looking at some of the worst security breaches in the last 7 years, it offers critical information on the financial ramifications when a company is hacked.

You not only lose credibility, but you also lose the value of a customer over a lifetime. 

Here the 7 worst types of breaches you should be aware of as a Director of Security or if you work in another field of technology and software. 

The 7 Types of Security Breaches

These security breaches give insight into how you can better protect your security system.

They can help protect documents and provide information on what action you should put forward if you are hacked. 

1. The Yahoo Breach

In 2013 and 2014, Yahoo had a security breach that is considered one of the largest breaches in history.

The breach released names, emails, dates of births, and telephone numbers of over 500 million users.

Security questions and passwords were also breached. 

It was later found that 3 billion users were hacked and their information was released. 

This breach would decrease the value of Yahoo’s selling price by $350 million. The algorithm used to hack Yahoo was considered to be a robust bcrpyt algorithm. 

2. The Marriot International Breach

Between the years of 2014 and 2018, Marriott International announced that they had been breached.

The result was that 500 million customers’ data was stolen. 

In fact, the hackers remained in Marriot’s system even when Marriot purchased Starwood in 2016, leading to a further breach in 2018. 

Passwords, names, passport numbers, travel information, along with other private information, was taken by the hackers. In addition, credit card numbers were stolen. 

It was later found out that a Chinese intelligence group had hacked Marriot International in part to gather data in U.S. citizens. 

3. Adidas Breach

A more recent breach, as of June 2019, occurred with the popular company, Adidas. 

Adidas announced that cyber thieves had gained access to customer data. Some of the information taken was contact information, such as email addresses and where people lived. 

In addition, passwords and usernames were also stolen.

The spokesperson for Adidas said that a million people were affected. 

4. Macy’s Breach

Another significant breach of the worst kind happened with Macy’s and their customers between April and June of 2019.

Credit card information, as well as personal information, was stolen from online shoppers of Macy’s. 

No details were mentioned of how the breach occurred. 

Macy’s would increase its customer security that offered customers the assurance of knowing their information would be protected. However, these changes came at a critical cost after the breach and after losing many customers. 

5. eBay Breach

In May of 2014, one of the biggest breaches in history occurred with eBay. 

The severity of this breach was that over 140 million users’ information was stolen by cyber thieves. Names, addresses, passwords, and dates of birth were all encrypted by these cyber thieves. 

However, 140 million users did not have their credit card information stolen. 

eBay said that the cyber thieves were able to breach the network using three employees’ credentials and had access to the information for nearly a year. 

There continue to be malware threats against some of the top tech and financial institutions that could be a threat to your company. For instance, one of the most dangerous malware threats in the 21st century, Emote Trojan. You can read more about it in this blog post regarding how dangerous the Emote Trojan could be to financial institutions. 

6. Equifax Breach

In June of 2017, Equifax was breached, which led to personal information being stolen of 143 million consumers. 

Some of the information stolen was social security numbers and driver’s license numbers. In addition, there were also over 200,000 consumers who had their credit card information stolen. 

The breach lasted for almost 6 months in which millions of users lost their private information and had to have it replaced. 

7. Target Stores Breach

Another significant breach, if not one of the most significant, was the breach that occurred to Target in December of 2013.

This was a major breach that led to the resignation of Target’s CIO. In addition, there was a settlement in place that required Target to make security changes. 

The breach took 70 million customers’ information. Part of the information stolen was full name, addresses, email, phone numbers, and possibly more. 

Target would eventually release information about how the hackers had found access through a third-party HVAC vendor. The result was that 40 million credit card and debit card numbers were stolen.

How Do Security Breaches Affect You? 

If you work in any form of online security for a business, it’s important to see what algorithms affected some of these businesses.

It’s also important to see what information was gathered, how much revenue was lost, and how it can help you better protect your business. 

The repercussions that come with being hacked are a loss of customers and possibly millions of dollars.

This is why many companies continue to tighten their online security to prevent any kind of breach from happening that could jeopardize the future of a company. 

These types of security breaches offer insight into what security system you need to put in place to have the best foolproof software for your company.  

You can also find other major security news with breaches in our blog where we provide further insight into security issues surrounding your industry and what you can do to protect your company.

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